Connect is the first bioclimatic pergola to bring together the essence of open-air life with the pleasure of total privacy. It provides exclusive space, created with mirrored walls that multiply the beauty of the context. All of this, with the external surface of the pergola that constantly takes on new colours and shapes.

What is Connect?

Essential, magnetic, revolutionary: Connect rewrites the rules of luxury outdoor living. A mirrored polygon with precise lines that naturally extend those of the horizon, the purity of this pergola sublimates its design power. It brings with it a patented design and certified materials to your outdoor space.

The internal and external world come together in the comfort of exclusive privacy. Connect’s mirrored walls allow total immersion in any context, while concealing the interior spaces of the pergola. This means extraordinary versatility with a world of possible uses, providing you with constant protection whilst at the same time enabling contact with the environment around you.

A touch of technology

The Connect cover takes advantage of a special technology that naturally regulates lighting, heat and ventilation. The aluminium sunshade blades are adjustable from 0 to 140 degrees. When closed, they shelter from the sun, wind and rain, thus allowing the water to drain with an innovative system of perimeter gutters.

Connect’s reflective walls offer total privacy, thus leaving the view to the outside intact. This unique advantage is made possible by fixed and sliding perimeter glass windows, available in either mirrored or smoked versions.

Connect is designed to simplify your daily life. Design and home automation meet through the Amazon Alexa and Google Home systems, which make the pergola even smarter.
Home automation also reacts to weather conditions, thanks to sensors that activate the closure of the blades in case of rain, snow or strong wind.

Modular design to grow with you

Each Connect free-standing module can reach the exceptional size of 5m × 5m, while upper surfaces can be created by placing several modules side by side. The aluminium structure can also be customised with the colours of the Pratic palette, Qualicoat Seaside Class 2 certified. The configuration is completed with lighting and vertical drop-down awnings.