Why do you have so many products ?

We work with all of the leading manufacturers across Europe to bring you a large offering of products, rather than being tied to one supplier like many of our competition we believe having open access to the market is critical to finding the correct solution, not being forced to just a product that would just be okay.

Do you do offer awnings ?

Yes we have a large range of manual and motorised arm & drop awnings. We are even able to mix some awnings with a pergola to provide even more flexibility.

What if a pergola isn’t suitable when doing a design consultation ?

Pergolas Direct is a company part of a larger group of companies operating under Sail & Shade Systems Ltd. We have the unique ability to offer a huge range of other custom products that should be able to create a solution even in the trickiest of locations. From bespoke sail shades to the very best Meissl umbrellas. Our site visits will 99% of the time result in use being able to find you a solution.

Do you do all the utilities connections for the Pergola or Kitchen ?

No, we would require your local contractor to make connections such as electricity or plumbing. We can however help to arrange a 3rd party to assist you with this and will supply a detailed specification of the requirements.

I already have appliances. Can I buy just the outdoor kitchen units?

Yes of course! We fully understand the bond that can be formed with bbq, the magic moments it has been part of. We are able in most cases to fully integrate your appliances into our kitchens. This also allows you to buy your own appliances from a specific brand that we maybe couldn’t offer.


How do I clean my outdoor kitchen ?

As all our units are specifically designed to be outside they are very durable and easy to clean. We can offer a range of cleaning products to help with cleaning.

Can you fix a pergola onto a roof top terrace?

Yes – providing there is enough structural stability and a solid, permanent base we can fix the structure to there shouldn’t be an issue. We do require a solid base as often roof terraced aren’t designed with something like this in mind so we will some times require a floating steel base to be constructed to ensure a safe installation. It is best to have your terrace surveyed by a qualified structural engineer to ensure the area has enough structural stability to support the weight of the new structure. Some of our pergolas have the option of coming with there own complete flooring frame which can be integrated into a terrace.

Roof terraces also pose another issue which is access, although we assemble the structure on site the individual parts are often heavy as well as large and won’t fit in the usual service lift or around a small fire escape. We can arrange alternative methods and our team are very creative when it comes to access issues.

How long does installation take for an outdoor pergola?

It depends the size of the project, if it is a single module it can take up to 4 days depending on the additional options selected such as glass which takes slightly longer.

What is the lead time on Pergolas?

This will depend a lot on each individual project and also if you have the required permissions to start the manufacturing straight away. Presuming all the relevant permissions have been granted we would be looking at 10-12 weeks from initial enquiry to be installing. Creating the complete solution is not a quick process and careful planning is required to ensure the solution is correct for you.

Do your products add value to my home ?

Pergolas and outdoor kitchens are a great way to add value to your home, with our design consultation we can help provide an inspiring concept. Particularly as the trends have changed in the last few years it is almost demanded by clients that the space outside is used as much as inside. With our range of complete solutions we can help increase this offering. Can you afford not to have a nice outside space when selling a house now?