Bioclimatics Imago by Corradi

Imagine a space in which ‘when’ and ‘where’ lose all meaning, where interior and exterior merge, embrace, and complete each other.

Listen and follow your thoughts to give them shape and colour. Capture the moments when desires emerge. Move towards the horizon of your dreams until you grasp them. Imagine an outdoor space that becomes a place. A place that can be inhabited by your emotions, and filled with your passions.

Well, imagine no more: Imago is the essence of luxury outdoor living.

What is Imago?

Imago by Corradi was born from a new vision of the outdoor space with respect to its use, what happens there, and what you can imagine doing. It is the interpretation of the outdoors as a space for luxury living outside the home. Imago was conceived as an autonomous, malleable entity that within carries Corradi DNA. That is, experience, innovation, emotion and Italian design.

This concept from Corradi goes beyond the concept of outdoor products to enter the dimension of space. It’s a solution with adjustable blades up to 135°. It is self-sufficient, too, thanks to its innovative construction details. These include a platform, pillars, and beams in full architectural continuity. In short, it pushes design simplicity to its extreme.

Indeed, the blades’ controls are also situated on the inside of the beam to protect the motorised drive mechanism, maximising aesthetics and practicality. The blades have been completely redesigned to mesh better with the simple continuity of the lines. In fact, they are flat, measure 24.5 by 4.8 cm (space between blades 21.5 cm) and can accommodate dimming LED lights, perfectly centred with respect to the blade width.

The gutter gives the possibility of incorporating LED lights throughout the entire internal perimeter to create a modular, effective and pleasant lighting system. The particular geometry of the beams and pillars also means that Imago’s external skin can be completely different in colour from the interior for an original, welcoming bi-colour effect.

A world of options

Imago also shows off its superior level of integration and flexibility with its many configurations of side-closures:

  • Fully open on the sides for total permeability

  • Closed with sliding glass doors

  • Aura brise-soleil closures

  • Closed with vertical screen with transparent, filtering or shuttering canvas

  • Dual closure, with glasses and vertical screens

  • Closed using fixed panels

What’s it like inside?

Imago’s interior spaces can be modulated according to the function they’re designed for. What’s more, thanks to the Private module*, a private corner can be used as a dressing room. You could also use this as storage for chairs and sunbeds, table settings, even as a wardrobe.

The Closet module consists of a partition of fixed and sliding brise-soleil panels secured to an additional intermediate beam.

To complete the optional components that make Imago a self-sufficient pavilion, Corradi have developed a new 17.5 cm high platform that can compensate for differences in height. It can also be combined with different types of walking surfaces. On request, Imago is also available without a platform, with the possibility of draining rainwater on all sides.
Imago is pre-wired with a Master motor (Somfy optional).