This pergola is constructed of powder-coated aluminium, with stainless-steel brackets and components. The clean design is characterised by the front frame, which displays an original diamond pattern, and by a guide, which does not protrude beyond the front edge of the gutter. Available in wall-mounted, ceiling or self-bearing versions, the structure is equipped with a water drainage gutter that’s integrated into the posts. It must have a minimum slope of between 8% and 19%, depending on the projection.

When a space between two walls needs to be covered, Quadra Wall can be installed – a cover that does not require any posts and that joins specific couplings for fixing the structure in the front and back.

For those who value the convenience of smart home technology and are seeking to incorporate this into their outdoor space, Quadra’s motorised and automated systems are guaranteed by Somfy®, whose motors are practically invisible, located inside the roller that retracts the fabric. Power requirements are variable depending on the size of the awning, but in all cases, the automated systems activate the awning to bring you the utmost comfort and total safety.

Gibus’ Sunis Wirefree II IO detects the sun’s intensity, allowing the fabric to open and close autonomously and intelligently, with no interruptions due to passing clouds. What’s more, when the Eolis Wirefree IO detects and intensification in wind speed, the awning automatically springs into action. The system is constantly monitoring the wind’s strength in order to manage the extension and retraction of the fabric, meaning your space is protected even when you’re not there to manage it yourself.