Onda is a freestanding or wall-mounted pergola with a manually-operated sliding tarp cover. Its
design is all about simplicity, in each and every detail, and the result is a contemporary pergola that
suits walls with perimetric openings.

Establishing a strong and stable relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces and offering a
pleasant space for comfort and relaxation, Onda is the link between landscape and architecture. The
warm colours and the matt finish (painted with high-resistance epoxy powder) improve the Onda’s
resistance over time and make it a cosy-looking product that sits in harmony with nature and the
outdoors. The structure can be complemented with a number of accessories, such as the sliding
edging profiles with PVC or glass membranes, curtains, telescopic windshields made of glass, an LED
lighting kit, and decorative drapes.

Onda represents the perfect symbiosis between structural elements and outdoor spaces. The
pitched cover made with a PVC membrane can be expanded, thanks to a modular system that finds
no limit in space. The thought behind the design comes from the need to reduce complexity in
favour of a simplification of the whole system. Onda is a very manageable structure, thanks to its
intuitive simplicity. The sophistication of the volumes, of the materials and of the colours blends into new, minimal shapes, and thanks to them, any architectural design absorbs Onda’s timeless style,
making the volumes and the structural elements impalpable, promoting simplicity and at the same
time acquiring a complex and advanced design.