Phoenix meets the need for more adaptable and custom-made open-air spaces, with two models
featuring minimalist style and hi-tech soul. It’s designed to help you experience the outdoors with a
sense of lightness, in all its forms.

Phoenix design is characterised by almost absolute versatility; aluminium profiles only 10cm x15cm
thick and a flat PVC-covering make the pergola slim and basic, thus suitable for any kind of urban or
natural context.

A Phoenix pergola can be installed anywhere using the ‘Set’ platform which, with a compensation
system, solves slopes and uneven surfaces. Inextricably integrated in the pergola, Set is the ideal
surface. It can be equipped with a dimmable RGB-LED Line for a suggestive effect at its base, and is
compatible with the most common types of outdoor paving.

Outdoor spaces are then enhanced by custom-made modules of Phoenix, available with arches
(Phoenix Air) or uprights (Phoenix Free), in free-standing or wall-mounted versions.
Unlike other sun shading systems, the retractable, flat PVC-covering of Phoenix shades the space
underneath equally, up to 5m x 10m.

LED-lighting in the cover and platform increases the pergola’s functions, which is also available with
electrical and USB sockets integrated into the uprights. Maximum output is also achieved
aesthetically, thanks to the selection of fabric undercovers concealing the PVC-covering, resulting in
a refined and cosy environment. The aluminium profiles can be customised with the colours of your
choice, and are Qualicoat Seaside Class 2 certified, attesting the best coating performances against
UV damage, salt and humidity.