Can you fix a pergola onto a roof top terrace?

March 9th, 2023 by JamieAdmin

Yes – providing there is enough structural stability and a solid, permanent base we can fix the structure to there shouldn’t be an issue. We do require a solid base as often roof terraced aren’t designed with something like this in mind so we will some times require a floating steel base to be constructed to ensure a safe installation. It is best to have your terrace surveyed by a qualified structural engineer to ensure the area has enough structural stability to support the weight of the new structure. Some of our pergolas have the option of coming with there own complete flooring frame which can be integrated into a terrace.

Roof terraces also pose another issue which is access, although we assemble the structure on site the individual parts are often heavy as well as large and won’t fit in the usual service lift or around a small fire escape. We can arrange alternative methods and our team are very creative when it comes to access issues.

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