The benefits of a luxury outdoor kitchen

September 29th, 2022 by alexadmin

Who are Contemporary Outdoor Living?

Led by Jamie Watts, founder of Sail Shades Direct and Pergolas Direct, we at Contemporary Outdoor Living aim to provide clients with a luxury solution to outdoor kitchens that covers the design and installation of both furniture and appliances. 

Years of experience

It’s unsurprising that Jamie, of all people, spotted the need for an outdoor kitchen specialist, having spent years designing and installing bespoke outdoor shelters for clients up and down the county. “Having visited lots of clients in need of shades or pergolas,” he explains, “I’ve come across a number of outdoor kitchens, with many of our shades and pergolas being erected over pre-existing installations. I’ve also met a lot of clients who have been ‘in the market’ for an outdoor kitchen, but have struggled to find a company to provide a one-stop shop for their project.”

Italian Quality 

Fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit, it didn’t take many of these chance conversations to convince him that he needed to pick up the phone and reach out to his contacts in Italy. “There, I was able to source a brand of Italian kitchens that perfectly match the quality of our pergolas and shades, and after much consideration, deliberation and planning, I was finally able to put together a package that incorporated all three, without compromising on the quality of any one component.”

Stunning Outdoor Kitchen


Perfect for the Duchy  

Outdoorkitchens is the brand, manufacturing outdoor steel kitchens that are designed to withstand the test of time. They are visually stunning, too, finished in a range of styles to suit your outdoor space, with the classic, timeless look of a kitchen that is made to deliver on the needs of even the most versatile chef. Crucially, they are made to stand up to the weather, and anybody that’s spent time here in Cornwall will know that dreary, mizzly days are part and parcel of the outdoor lifestyle in the Duchy. 

Simple and stress-free

At the core of everything we do at Contemporary Outdoor Living, is good customer service and outstanding quality. As a one-stop shop for luxury outdoor spaces, we want every step of the journey to be as enjoyable for you as the investment deserves it to be. After all, any home improvement should be an exciting one! We also aim to keep things simple, from ensuring the design process is as easy and stress-free as possible, to outfitting your new space with units and appliances that are simple to use. “The Italian brand that we work with has an ethos that centres on simplistic luxury, which ties in well with our own,” says Jamie. And when you remember that his ultimate goal is to provide fully customised outdoor kitchens, covering the appliances, furniture, installation and even the building of structures to go with it – including shades and pergolas – that’s a reassuring thought indeed.

Looking to the future 

Not one to rest on his laurels, Jamie fully intends to grow what Contemporary Outdoor Living can offer clients here in Cornwall; why stop at outdoor kitchens? “Our future plans include offering outdoor furniture and even fire pits to complement our clients’ new or existing spaces,” he explains. 

Outdoor firepit

Home-improvers wishlist

Outdoor Kitchens, Jamie believes, rank highly on the wish-list of home improvers here in the UK. “For those with the right budget, it’s got to be near, if not at, the top, and it’s certainly an addition that will add to a home’s value. This is because people are now having more gatherings at home, particularly with the lifestyle changes we all experienced during, and after, the pandemic. More people than ever are preferring the notion of entertaining at home than, for example, going to the pub,” says Jamie. The outdoor kitchen also ties into the luxury lifestyle that so many aspire to here in Cornwall; with more reluctance than ever to travel abroad, beautiful outdoor kitchens offer clients the chance to imbibe their homes with a touch of the Mediterranean, which is perhaps why popularity for appliances like pizza ovens has soared in recent years. “It harks back to holidays in a warmer climate,” says Jamie, “and it’s a trend that’s definitely set to continue.”

Al-fresco dining – at home! 

With that in mind, the way that we cook is also evolving. Once upon a time, the obvious solution for those wanting to try something new – you guessed it – was to book a table at a restaurant. But that was at a time when the equipment necessary to enjoy it at home simply wasn’t readily available. Even when it was, it certainly wasn’t English weather proof! Nowadays, Jamie continues, “we’re able to combat the weather with waterproof covers, wind breaks, heaters, and of course our robust Sail Shades and Pergolas.” 

Pergola expanding outdoor space on beautiful property

Long term investment

The finished result is not one that you could buy at the local garden centre. Quality and longevity, especially in the unique environment of the West Country, are difficult to find with off-the-shelf solutions, which is why outdoor kitchens from us at Contemporary Outdoor Living should be classed as long-term investments. Not only will they add to the value of your home, appealing to potential future buyers who share your desire to spend time with your nearest and dearest outside; they can be enjoyed for years and by generations to come, because that is precisely what our kitchens are designed to do: to last for the long term.

If you would like to make your dream outdoor space a reality, get in touch with us here! 

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